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Bicycle Repair Stations in Arvada

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The City now has seven Bicycle Aid Stations around Arvada either already completed or nearing completion. Parks staff will evaluate use levels as well as durability and vandalism issues to determine if additional aid stations may be installed at other Arvada locations in the future

Bicycle Aid Station Locations and Features

  • Olde Town Square
  • Arvada Reservoir parking lot on the west end of the Ralston Creek Trail
  • Gold Strike Park
  • Ralston Central Park
  • Stenger Soccer Complex/Van Bibber Trail
  • Secrest Recreation Center (to be completed soon)
  • Tomlinson Park

The aid stations allow cyclists to place their bicycle on a rack and use the attached screw drivers, open end wrenches and allen wrenches to make minor adjustments and repairs to the bike. Air is not provided at the station. The station is ADA compliant.. 

Cycle Aid Station Cycle Aid Station Directions Cycle Aid Station Tools
The Cycle Aid Station's design allows you to both secure and work on your bicycle. Using your smart phone, you can scan the QR code for complete directions. The Cycle Aid Station includes 8 stainless steel tools to help you repair your bike quickly and easily.



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