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Protected-only Turn Intersections

Some intersections throughout the City do not allow drivers to turn left unless a green arrow is displaying. We call this a "Protected-Only Left Turn." In order for an intersection to have a protected-only left turn, one or more of the following conditions must be met: • Limited left turn sight distance • Excessive street width where traffic must cross three or more lanes and the speed of the opposing traffic is 45 mph or greater• An intersection where there is not enough room for one direction's left turns to operate without crossing the path of the opposing left turning traffic• History of left turn crashes • Where a double-left turn lane existsIn the City of Arvada, most protected-only left turn arrows were installed because the left turn crashes far exceeded the allowable number in one year (five), or because multiple left turn lanes exist for the approach.If you think an intersection needs to be reviewed for protected only left turn, please call Traffic at 720-898-7742 or submit a service request.

This information has been brought to you by the Public Works department.

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If you are experiencing a safety, medical, or other emergency, dial 911 on your phone. Do not submit a service request. For non-emergency public safety issues, call dispatch 720-898-6900.