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Recent Articles in City Hall

Building Inspection Updated
City Hall / Departments / Utilities

At the City of Arvada, the Building Inspection Division seeks to ensure that buildings are safe. In order to protect the safety of our citizens and visitors, we utilize and enforce international building, energy, residential, fire, and related codes. An advisory board, comprised of engineers,...

Get Involved Updated
City Hall / Codes and Law / Advance Arvada (Land Development Code Update)

Looking for information on the Land Development Code (LDC) update called Advance Arvada? Check out the Project Purpose, FAQs and Documents pages. Community input is important for the Advance Arvada. We will be hosting public meetings throughout the process and encourage you to attend and offer your...

Wastewater Division Updated
City Hall / Departments / Utilities

Image for Wastewater Division
For Emergencies In case of emergency, such as a water main break, call 720-898-7760 during normal working hours. After hours, Weekends or Holidays, call 720-898-7820. The Wastewater Division is responsible for the maintenance and continuous operation of 400 miles of sanitary sewer mains and...

Fleet Maintenance Updated
City Hall / Departments / Utilities

Image for Fleet Maintenance
The Arvada Fleet Maintenance division is responsible for maintaining, repairing and servicing all vehicles and other mobile equipment owned by the city. In addition, the division is responsible for purchasing and stocking parts and ordering fuels used by the city fleet. This program maintains two...

Terms of Use Updated
City Hall / Stay Informed

Terms and Conditions of Use: The purpose of this web site is to provide the user with information about the City of Arvada. The City of Arvada's web site may contain links to other web or computer sites that are not owned, regularly reviewed or controlled by the City of Arvada....

2019 Candidates and Election Forms Updated
City Hall / Elections

Explore candidates for the 2019 municipal election in the City of Arvada. If you are interested in running for elected office in Arvada, explore How Do I Become a Candidate? to find out about required forms, the Fair Campaign Practices Act, and more. City Council District 4 Joshua Jared...

Gold Line Advisory Committee Updated
City Hall / Government / Boards, Commissions, and Committees

The Gold Line Advisory Committee addresses issues related to the Gold Line. The committee provides education to the community related to the Gold Line, solicits public feedback on Gold Line issues and provides advice to City Council on such matters as transit design. This is a...

Rescheduling a Court Case Updated
City Hall / Government / Municipal Court

All court case continuances MUST be requested by the defendant in person at the Municipal Court office located at 8101 Ralston Rd.   Court hearings will not be rescheduled over the phone. If you are a juvenile defendant under the age of 18, you are required to bring a parent with you to...

Plant List Updated
City Hall / Codes and Law / Zoning

Image for Plant List
In Standard and PUD Districts, as well as New Communities and Clear Creek Subdistricts, drought-tolerant and native plant species are typically required to be used according to  Landscaping, Buffering, Screening, Fences, and Walls standards. All landscaping projects in Arvada can benefit...

OpenData Frequently Asked Questions Updated
City Hall / Transparency / OpenData

What data can I find? If you browse our OpenData catalog, you can explore administrative boundaries, transportation, public safety, government, and map information.  How often is data updated? Datasets are updated frequently. When exploring the catalog, you can see when data was added and...