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Step 2: Your Formal Application

Compile Materials

Custom Checklist

Your designated planner will provide you with a custom checklist of documents to be submitted as part of your formal application after your pre-application meeting. The checklist will be available through eTRAKiT. Following your checklist will expedite the process. Use your checklist to compile all materials, documents and information to ensure your application is ready for submittal.  

Core Requirements

The following materials are required for all Land Development Applications.

  • Complete Application Form and Processing Fees

  • Legal Description, Current Proof of Ownership, Title Commitment and Covenants

  • Statistical Fact Sheet

  • Legal Description in Microsoft Word  (doc, docx)

Schedule and Attend Pre-Submittal Meeting

Once you have compiled your application materials, contact your designated planner to schedule a pre-submittal meeting. Your designated planner will review your application materials to make sure all required documents are included and ready to be submitted.

Submit Your Formal Application

Once your planner confirms you have met all the requirements needed to submit your application, you may submit it online via eTRAKiT.

Warning: Incomplete applications and/or documents will not be accepted, resulting in a delay in the review process.

Note: Providing a complete set of detailed plans and all required reports and studies will facilitate movement through the development review process.